Shawn Campbell Portfolio



Hello, and welcome to my portfolio for copy writing and beyond. Please feel free to peruse around a bit to get a feel of my ability to meet your organization’s needs. With a background in economics, research, market analysis, policy formation, and dispute settlement, I believe I bring a unique set of skills to copy writing which allow me to go above and beyond your expectations. I look forward to working with you.



With a strong background in research and over a decade of experience in policy and market analysis, I bring an extensive level of expertise to trade articles for internal and external publications.

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White Papers & Policy Briefs

Whether it’s recommending changes in policy or just boiling down complex ideas into simple to understand summaries, I have the expertise you need to present your ideas to the widest audience possible.


booklets, Blurbs, Op-EDs, & Brochures

No matter what type of information you need put together, I can provide solid and easy to understand copy to meet any of your possible needs.


Social Media

Whether you want to get out some information, post an ad, deal with a crisis, or just garner some clicks, I have the copy writing expertise needed to create social media posts to match your organization’s tone and personality.



Do you need regular updates to your organization’s blog or other platform? Whether you are looking for something entertaining, technical, cultural, or even political, I have the know-how to create posts that best fit what your organization needs.



Whether for large or small audiences, I have the experience needed to make large amounts of information easy to understand and interpret.


Interam 2015 Videos

What do you do when you have a zero budget, no equipment, little experience, and you’re in charge of social media and community outreach for a ribald 1,500 participant running and social event? You make over 26 promotional and informational videos any way you can.


Creative Writing

Focusing on literary fiction with an occasional journey into the world of magical realism, creative writing has been my main hobby for some time now. Since 2015, I’ve published a total of 25 short stories, 7 so far this year, in various literary magazines across the United States and India. I’ve also self-published a novel, a short story collection, and three snarky books about history.


Historical Non-Fiction Writing

I have a special interest in researching and creating historical narratives in order to gain a better understanding of the world around us. Whether in the form of complete books or short white papers and blurbs, I excel at helping you tell the story of how we’ve gotten to where we are today.


Book Blurbs

Do you need some help writing the summary for the back of your book? Feel free to reach out, I’ll see if I can help.


Copy Editing

Do you need help getting your writing over that last hump? I’m pleased to offer copy editing services; including proofreading, line editing, rewriting, and content refreshing. Five authors so far have utilized my services, and all have been pleased with the results. Samples gladly offered.



Between 2014 and 2016, I partnered with local businesses to curate a total of 25 shows for my photographs. Though I have since moved more towards writing, I do continue to take photos from time to time.