Whats New....
My Short Story When Is It Due has been published by Linden Avenue.  Check it out in the short stories area.

My first collection of short stories, An Unsated Thirst, has been released.  If you're interested in buying it check on the Purchase page.  

Welcome to my homepage.  Kick off your shoes and stay awhile.  Feel free to take a look around.  Lots of stuff to do around here.  You can PURCHASE a book, go check out the latest SHORT STORY, go see what PROFESSOR ERRARE is up to, or even drop me a line via the CONTACT form.  I'll try to keep the latest up and available here on the homepage.  I hope you enjoy everything half as much as I have in creating it.  

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Contrary to popular belief, writing is a team sport.  All writers hope that they're work gets as widely read as possible, but this only happens with the help of those who enjoy their work.  For those of you who wish to help, here are a few things you can do:

  • Read the books.  No author wants their stuff gathering dust on a shelf.

  • Write reviews on the sites where you bought the book and on Goodreads.  The more reviews a book can get, even if just short ones, the better.  

  • Tell your friends.  This is always going to be a word of mouth industry, and if you enjoy something it's always helpful to share it and pass it on.

To all of those who have helped me and supported me over the years, you have my heartfelt thanks.