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My name is Shawn W. Campbell and I was born in Eastern Oregon in 1983 after a harrowing drive through the fog.  Today I currently reside in Portland, Oregon with a houseplant named Morton.  Though I work as an economist to make ends meet, I spend the rest of time writing, of which some of the results can be found on this site. 

The whole writing thing has basically been a slapped together affair of learning as I go.  I first started writing during my awkward adolescent years, with most of the stories being fantasy and Star Wars fan fiction, which were exactly as good as you would imagine them to be.  Regardless, I filled numerous spiral bound notebooks with my barely legible scrawl over the years.  I still have them somewhere, safely hidden away.  

These early attempts were abandoned when I entered high school, giving way to unsuccessful pursuits of my hormonal urges and rather sad attempts at being cool.  I didn't really start writing again until my late twenties when a series of unfortunate events led me into a less than happy part of my life.  I took up writing again during this time as a healthier alternative for dealing with things, and over time it developed into me writing all kinds of stories.  I always had a lot of stories ricocheting around in my head, and it felt amazing to actually get them on paper.  That grew into actually letting people read the stuff I was writing, which in turn led to trying to get it published, which brings us up to today.  

I always feel like I still have a long ways to go, but who knows.  I of course harbor dreams of writing fame, but its more of slow crawl than a sprint to a finish.  Either way, I'm doing something that I love and learning a lot along the way.

Portrait by Anne Parmeter