When Is It Due published

Welp, my story When Is It Due has been published by Linden Avenue and so now is up on the website for your perusing pleasure.

This story was written back in March of 2016 and finally found a home after a pile of rejections, though most were pretty nice ones as far as rejections go (meaning boiler plate).

As some people will undoubtedly notice, I believe that this is the second one that's been put up on the website that isn't from a male POV. I have other stories from female POV's (they haven't gotten published yet), but not as many as there probably could be. The honest truth is that for me writing from a male POV is just easier and quicker. Writing from the POV of a different gender, race, or just someone with a vastly different background is time consuming in that you have to be much more careful thinking out the little details and thought processes in order to keep it authentic.

I like to think that a lot of my stories could have the genders swapped. A lot of the themes are pretty gender neutral. However, I only have so much time in the day, so things tend to come more from the male POV, with the female gender only used when I feel it's important to the theme. I do plan on writing more from the female POV, maybe even attempting a book at some point, but in the end I also feel that the best people to tell such stories are women themselves. There's some themes, no matter how hard I try, where I'll always be an outsider looking in.

Anyways, with this one I hope I did fairly well writing from the female POV on a theme totally foreign to the male perspective. I can at least feel okay in that it's based on a story a woman told me and the fact that the editors who chose it were all women. I hope you enjoy it.

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