I have a Troll, looks like I've hit the big time

I've gotten my first ever troll (one that I don't even know) on a short story that was posted publicly on my Facebook page for all the world to see. For the first time in my life I truly feel like a real writer.

The original post was made on January 12 regarding a story I wrote called Picnic appearing in Tin House. Here is the jist:

"Shawn ... Really not sure how to say this ... BUT short of the most IDIOTIC MOTHER FUCKING STUPID person I have had the opportunity TO NEVER MEET, You, my useless child, ( because your statements remind me of a 3 yr old ) should maybe, (and I say it slowly because I'm not sure you can read fast) get rid of your beer fridge and GROW THE FUCK UP."

A new short story coming out this fall

Welp, that's one good way to end an afternoon. I got a phone call from the Red Rock Review, a literary review out of Las Vegas, saying that they wanted to publish a story of mine called "Poison." This makes sixteen short stories I've gotten published so far.

To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised to have this story published. I had never felt like it was one of my better stories, what with it being based off of a dream I once had, and as a result had given up on it after only 12 rejections, the last being in 2015. Well, for whatever reason I got a wild hair, dusted it off, and did a 13th submission this past February. So there you go. What a strange business.

I'm sure after all this talking about it at least some of you would like to read it. However, with my apologies, I'm afraid that it will have to wait until Red Rock publishes it since they have first publishing rights now. I know this is a little different than how I usually do things, but you're just going to have to be patient.

In the mean time, if you get desperate, you can find other stories to read at my website.

As always, thank you to every one who reads my stories, asks about my writing, and even throws the occasional complement my way. I'm not the best with showing my gratitude for such things, but please know it does mean a lot.

Sprucing up the website a bit

Hello fans of writing both good and bad. Less than a week in I've already done some sprucing up. First I've added some links to the homepage and the such to make it easier for mobile users to jump around without using the menu.

Also, for you Professor Errare fans I've migrated over all of my old posts into a new fancy schmancy blog form. Though don't worry, the Facebook page will continue sending on updates to let you know when new ones are available.

Here's to constantly trying to learn new things and all that crap.