Do you ever wonder about things?  Do you ever spend a whole day pondering why things are the way they are?  Do you sometimes stay up all night crying because the world seems so strange and scary?  Have you never read a book?  If so, then Professor Errare is the man for you.  Professor Errare has a doctorate in Googling and a minor in bullshit.  Come join him as he weaves his way through our world's history.  Just try to not knock anything over, some of that shit is expensive.  

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Professor Errare runs a BLOG TYPE THING with weekly updates covering a smattering of little known historical factoids presented in as snarky a manner as possible.  If that's your thing you'd be a fool not to follow it.  You can also get weekly updates via FACEBOOK if that's more your thing.    

Professor Errare would of course also like to thank his ever devoted typist, S. Will Campbell, for his years of hard work and loyalty, which totally has nothing to with any kind of blackmail whatsoever. Rumors that S. Will Campbell is chained up in the good professor’s basement are of course not true. Hell, the professor’s house doesn’t even have a basement, just an extremely well sound proofed attic.

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