Professor Errare reading

Professor Errare and his partner in crime, S.W. Campbell, are proud to announce a rare public appearance and book reading extravaganza at the Rose City Book Pub.

Do you ever wonder why things are the way they are? Do you sometimes stay up all night crying because the world seems so strange and scary? Do you love history, but hate how it's all so dry and boring? Well my friends, then Professor Errare is the man for you.

The good professor is one of those rare breed of historians who prefer to feed people history in manageable chunks spiced with just the perfect amount of snark. He is looking forward to sharing some fun historic snippets from his books.

Joining Professor Errare will be local author S.W. Campbell, who is the good professor's co-author, but only because he knows how to type and use the internet. S.W. Campbell writes literary fiction, and if the good professor is feeling generous, may be allowed to do a little reading of his own.

Book reading.jpg